‘We had the immense pleasure of being entertained by the Shandoneers at our daughter’s wedding ceilidh. This immensely talented band absolutely made the evening for all of us. Many guests came from far and wide and had never been to a ceilidh. David Toner soon put people at their ease and had them dancing as if they had done so for years.  Four highly accomplished and talented musicians knew exactly what we wanted from them, and WOW! did they deliver!!!  Thank you guys, you are awesome.’ – Robert, Melrose
‘The wedding was fantastic thanks. The band were great and many of the guests commented on how good they were and how much they enjoyed the ceilidh!’ – Will, St Andrews
‘Thanks for being so awesome on Saturday, really made our evening….. gutted I didn’t get a chance it say hi and thank u guys in person, the evening flew by!’ X – Azi, Gothenburg
‘The Shandoneers were recommended to us by a family friend and they did not disappoint us for our Scottish & Irish wedding in the Borders. They were excellent at explaining each dance to our novice Irish crowd and were happy to learn a few new dances from the emerald isle. They also threw in some classic upbeat Irish folks songs with their amazing vocals between sets to let people recover. Overall a fantastic night of music, dance and craic.’ Cat, Dublin
‘I just wanna say a massive thank you to you guys for the incredible performance you put on for us on Saturday night! You blew us away with your music and great vibes and really made the evening a special one. You can’t believe how many of our guests came and commented on how awesome you guys were, both in terms of music and as awesome guys! I think the icing on the cake was when I saw the videos some folks had taken of you guys jamming in the bus on the way home – brilliant!’ – Remy, Aberdeen
‘Thank you for putting together such a phenomenal band!  We had an incredible day and the ceilidh really was the highlight, not just for us, but for everyone who came.  Many people have mentioned it subsequently, and some have gone off in search of more London based ceilidhs as a result.  Thanks for the custom made first dance, the lyrics and Red House riff made it unforgettable!’ – Matthew and Alison, London
 ‘A really quick note to say thank you to all of the Shandoneers, and especially to you for helping to make our wedding day so special.  As I hope you could see, I think pretty much everyone had a go at the ceilidh, even the English and Spanish ceilidh first-timers, and everyone had a great time. I think I even mastered one of the dances myself by the end! The icing on the cake was playing “Heart of Gold” for our first dance, especially since we only mentioned it to you at about 4pm! We really appreciated it, and everything you did on the day to make it such a great occasion.’ – John and Louise, Edinburgh

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