The Shandoneers were founded in Edinburgh in 2007, by William Oke and his Shandon Street neighbour and friend, Andrew Mill.  They were fed up of seeing corporate bands playing at events, charging too much money, and playing like they didn’t enjoy folk music or ceilidh dance!  Something had to be done, so William contacted some friends from the Edinburgh folk scene, and this energetic, passionate and authentic young ceilidh band was born….


David Toner plays fiddle, calls dances, and sings at our ceilidhs.  He has been immersed in the Scottish folk scene since he was a baby, with his parents playing in bands and in the house.  He has an exceptionally patient style of calling, and is conscientious and focused in his approach, helping dancers have great evenings around the country and beyond.  David has been sessioning and gigging as a professional for 10 years now, playing with 9 Points o Roguery, and Andrew Mill & The 5am Rumble Strip.


Andrew Mill plays guitar, calls, sings, and manages the band.  He has been gigging and teaching dances as a professional for 12 years now, for ceilidh bands, folk groups and song-writing projects.  He has a clear, concise, and fun approach to calling, and an energetic and dynamic style of guitar playing.  He has played with the likes of The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience, The Sandy Brechin Band, Norman Mackay’s Ceilidh Experience, Quebecois-Danish trio Trîles, as well as his own writing project, Andrew Mill & The 5am Rumble Strip.  He has toured in America and Europe over 15 times now, teaching and performing.


William Oke founded the band in 2007, and plays bass, percussion, and drives our van.  William started playing the drums at 2 years old, moving to bass as a teenager, and now plays almost everything that makes a sound!  He has played professionally for 12 years now, and has gigged with The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience, The Sandy Brechin Band, Jacob’s Pillow, Corra, 9 Points o Roguery and Andrew Mill & The 5am Rumble Strip.  He is a virtuoso bass-player who has been around the Edinburgh folk scene consistently for the last 12 years.


Colin Macgregor plays drums and percussion.  Since having completed a music degree, Colin has spent 11 years teaching percussion in schools in Scotland, and has also been involved as a tutor for numerous music workshops, such as Feis Dhun Eiheann and Midlothian council music projects. Colin has a wide range of playing experience, from rock bands to Samba bands, Big Bands, small jazz style trios, ceilidh bands and function bands. He has gigged with the likes of Norman Mackay’s Ceilidh Experience, The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience, and Andrew Mill & The 5am Rumble Strip.

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